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Silver Steel Plate


Glock 43 Cerakote then laser engraved
Cerakote Knife Handle
Custom Cerakote Design
Ruger Rifle and Scope
Cerakote & Laser Engraved_edited
Glock 26 Cerakote & Laser
10MM Glock - Cerakote
AR15 Cerakote

Though black never goes out of style some gun owners are finding its classic look a little too bland, instead turning to Cerakote to achieve a flashy and fun firearm vibe.


Cerakote is, simply put, a ceramic and polymer coating applied to hard finishes in order to achieve bold looks and better protection.


Developed by NIC Industries for firearms in the 1980s, the coating provides a heightened level of durability to hard surfaces making it ideal for firearms and related gear. The coating specifically protects against abrasions, common when training on the range or traipsing through the woods, in addition to delivering corrosion resistance.

As most firearms feature a certain level of steel and/or aluminum, the extra coat of Cerakote reduces the interaction between oils and liquids and the firearm itself. This prevents nasty corrosion from setting in and harming not only the look of the gun but its functionality as well.


The Cerakote finish is thin, measuring only 0.001-inches thick, making it ideal for firearms use. It also bonds well with steel, aluminum and polymer — common materials also used in modern firearm production.

-excerpt from on "What is Cerakote"

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